Homes for autistic children

Autism specialist services, supporting young people on the autism spectrum with complex needs.

In England we work closely with Peterhouse school for children with autism.  Some young people attend schools, but we are also able to provide alternative education for young people who find it difficult to attend a school building.

In Ireland we support children in two residential homes incorporating the ethos of supported living in County Wicklow.  

Providing a real home

Our large staff teams provide 24-hour support 365 days a year and are conscious that each of our residents are unique, with differing personalities, interests, strengths and communication styles. 

The staff attend ongoing autism training through-out the year and provide differing levels of support to each young person depending on their needs.

The staff promote choice every day as these are person centred services. We endeavour to get all our residents engaged with activities they enjoy both in the community and at the residences, but we are mindful that these are the children's home first and foremost and that downtime and fun are essential.

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