Gift in Wills

Leave a lasting legacy that helps autistic people to thrive

Gifts from Wills can make a huge difference to our work.

Leaving a gift in your Will is a powerful way to create a lasting legacy that will help secure the future of the work that we do. You will have peace of mind that your affairs are in order while supporting the work of Autism Initiatives Group.

We have partnered with specialist online will writers Guardian Angel. We chose to partner with Guardian Angel to guide you through the process of creating a will because unlike many companies that offer only online services, Guardian Angel not only provide this service online but also by telephone or face to face if your prefer.

Book a telephone appointment or a face to face meeting by calling 0800 773 4014.

Guardian Angel will provide a simple Will for free that would usually cost £90. It can be produced easily online in about 15 minutes.

Please use offer code AUTISMINITIATIVESFREE at checkout or quote on the telephone or face to face meeting to claim your free will.

There is no obligation to leave a gift to Autism Initiatives Group

When you use this free wills service, there is no obligation to leave a gift to Autism Initiatives Group but we do hope that most people who take up this free wills offer will choose to include leaving a gift to our charity.

Are there any ongoing costs?

We all know that life changes and it’s likely that the choices you make in your will are likely to change too so in the first year after you have created your will, you can make unlimited changes for free. After that, there is a £10 per year annual charge so you can continue to make changes to your will at different times in your life.

Please note, that even when you use the offer code AUTISMINITIATIVESFREE, you will be asked to provide payment details for the ongoing cost of £10 per year. You can cancel this at any time although you will have to make other arrangements to make changes to your will if needed in the future which may cost you more money.

Getting started

You can get started by clicking on one of our online adverts on social media, by calling 0800 773 4014 or you can simply click on the link below.

The Guardian Angel services cover the UK only: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It does not cover Ireland. The online services cover England and Wales only. The telephone and face to face services covers the whole of the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Leave a lasting legacy that helps us to build a future in which autistic people can thrive

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