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Art and Autism

Posted on 10th August 2018

The Cedars annual art exhibition is a huge success

The last two weekends of July saw the Old Christ Church in Waterloo host our annual art exhibition featuring art work created by autistic people, many of whom attend The Cedars Community Resource Centre. 

The concept for this year's show was based on a programme about dementia and how building environments can support people in feeling safe and secure.

The building models provided us with the opportunity to guide people we support in choice and decision making, in accessing sensory feedback, in using cognitive and physical skills, to support people in using communication and understanding communication. 

The Cedars have been providing support to a social hub for autistic people in St. Helens and the centre team were delighted to be able to provide Steve and Liam, members of the social hub, with a platform to show off their artistic talents too.

Steve and Liam brought along some of the amazing pieces they have made, Steve brought a different flavour to this year’s exhibition with sculptured recognisable figurative models of familiar objects made from waste materials. Liam created Lego structures and used them to create amazing animated Lego constructions.  

The Harrington Centre was also represented at the exhibition, as the Blossom Fields enterprising activity had a large display of Jewellery, soaps, bath bombs and craft items; all for sale. This year the diversity of handcrafted items has expanded; a real colour explosion and a world of fantasy.

Blossom Fields relocated to create an independent craft centre in Formby at the Harrington Centre in 2017. Blossom Fields produces quality items create by autistic people and is self-sufficient, funding their own activities through selling the wonderful craft and soap and jewellery that they make.