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Manchester Mosaic Makers Bring Art to Ashton-Under-Lyne

Posted on 5th October 2018

The Art group at our Cedars Resource Centre were delighted to be asked to produce a mosaic celebrating Manchester and welcoming people to our Church Street service ...

When residents of our Church Street service in Ashton-Under-Lyne wanted to brighten their communal and reception areas they asked the art group from Cedars Community Resource Centre in Merseyside to help them come up with a mosaic that reflected their passion and pride for the area.

After discussing, planning and considering everything they knew about the people who live at Church St Robin, Kevin, and Brian from the art group came up with lots of Manchester themes based around music, football, TV and culture.  Internet research about Ashton-Under-Lyne also helped them to find out about the history of the town and this lead to them wishing to include the Ash Tree and cotton mills in their designs.

Cedars Centre manager Joyce Dullaghan said:  "The main mosaic the group have produced features an Ash tree.  For the branches they traced around hands using this as a template when drawing their design.  The hands symbolise friendship, help, peace, sharing, communication and connection.  Within the tree there are seven coloured stars with a mirror in the centre.  These represent the seven units in the Church St house and the mirror places each person at the heart of their home."

The art group drew their design out on paper, then laid under a clear Perspex sheet.  This allowed Robin, Kevin and Brian to follow the design, using the tiles set out for each aspect.  The Manchester and Ashton-Under-Lyne side panels were completed using different mediums and techniques.  These included tea staining printed pictures, painting, collage and intricate dot work.

The Cedars Art group said:  "As a group we have enjoyed working together on this project, it has been fun and interesting.  We are really happy with what we have produced."
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