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Peterhouse Wins Wellbeing Award

Posted on 27th November 2018

Peterhouse School has been successfully accredited for the Wellbeing Award for Schools ...

The accreditation has been developed by the National Children’s Bureau and looks at the whole school approach to wellbeing including pupils, staff and families.

The school was commended for its holistic approach to wellbeing which sits at the centre of the schools culture and values. There are many examples of this in how people relate, the teaching space and the caring attitudes of both staff and students.  The report which accompanied the accreditation highlights the quality of both staff and leadership of the school saying:

Staff are highly supportive of the school and it’s work. Feedback confirmed that staff wellbeing is  a priority offering informal and formal supports to ensure it remains a good place to work even while under pressure.

The school will retain the accreditation for the next three years and plans to continue its best practice and evolve wellbeing further in the future in order to retain this award in the future.

Head teacher Janet Allan said: We are delighted with this report as it clearly recognises the commitment of our whole school community in understanding and supporting wellbeing.  The process of working towards the Wellbeing Award for Schools was extremely helpful in providing structure and clarity to our work.  We now look forward to sharing our experiences with others and continuing to develop our practice to ensure wellbeing is embedded in all we do.   Promoting positive wellbeing for our students, families and staff is the foundation on which successful learning outcomes are achieved.