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ASDA Breck Road Customers Choose Autism Initiatives

Posted on 5th February 2019

We are delighted that ASDA staff and customers chose us to benefit from their Community Fund as they celebrate their first ever autism friendly shopping hour

Every time you shop in ASDA you get the chance to choose a charity to support through their Community Fund green token screen.  Customers at the Breck Road store voted to support Autism Initiatives following the charity being nominated by a staff member.

Community Fundraiser Ed Green visited the store to collect a cheque for £500, which will be used to help local autistic people and their families.  She said:  "I have been overwhelmed by the response and support we have received from ASDA Breck Road staff and customers.  The store is doing so much to support shoppers and local people with autism - I wish other stores would follow their lead."

ASDA Breck Road will be undertaking a special 'Autism Shopping Hour' every Tuesday 10am - 11am in which all shoppers will benefit from a reduction in the noises and bright lights usually associated with supermarkets as well as other changes they have made to accommodate the sensory differences of autistic people.