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Beth and Iain's Sky Dive for Autism Initiatives

Posted on 6th August 2019

Autism Initiatives staff take a leap of 10,000 feet to raise money for people with autism

Autism Initiatives Scotland employees Bethany Norman and Iain Fergusson jumped out of a plane and plummeted 10,000 feet on the 30th July 2019 completing a sponsored skydive and raising an amazing total of £1,202.50!

While this adrenaline filled activity has been on Bethany’s bucket list for a while, Iain admitted that this was probably the last thing he would do for fun: “Anybody that knows me well will know that jumping out of a perfectly good plane is a big deal for me."

As trained autism specialists Bethany and Iain both understand the benefits of specialist sensory equipment when working with autistic people and have asked that all the money they have raised be spent in Scotland for this purpose.

After a couple of attempts didn't go to plan with the great Scottish weather letting them down the two of them finally managed to get up in the plane, jump out and plummet to the ground at 135 miles per hour (for about 30 seconds and then the parachute opened!)

After smashing their initial fundraising target of £600 both Beth and Iain would like to send special thanks to the Knightridge Pensioner Coffee Morning who donated £415 to see the pair take on this fundraising challenge, and of course all their friends and family who supported them and gave so generously.

Ed Green our Community Fundraiser said: "What a fantastic way to raise money and awareness for autism! Thanks to everyone who generously donated to this fantastic event, and a massive thank you and congratulations to Ian and Beth for your bravery and dedication!"

If you would like to take on a fundraising challenge for Autism Initiatives, then call our fundraising team on 0151 932 2213, or email us on the link below.

Email Ed Green and take on a fundraising challenge
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