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Highland Jivers Give their Support to Highland One Stop Shop

Posted on 12th March 2019

When dance group Highland Charity Jive heard that the Highland One Stop Shop needed support they strapped on their dancing shoes and took to the floor to raise funds ...

Dance club, Highland Charity Jive have donated £500 to Autism Initiatives Scotland following the news that the Highland One Stop Shop was under threat of closure and along with it that vital local autism services in the region would end.

The group specialises in modern jive and is friendly and accessible with members of all levels of dancing skills and abilities and has been running for over two years, with more than 150 members. Highland Charity Jive meet up in Inverness, where Highland One Stop Shop has it's main office, every Friday and it may have been this local connection that led them to support autism.

Autism Initiatives Scotland were one of four charities that were supported by the group.

Highland One Stop Shop Manager Gill MacLennan was delighted that they chose to support local autistic people through their donation she said:  "I was delighted to receive an email from Highland Charity Jive out of the blue offering to give us a donation.  The Highland One Stop Shop supports hundreds of autistic people and their families across Highland and without the generosity of local people, groups and organisations we simply won't be able to sustain the same levels of support in the future.  On behalf of my team and all the local autistic people we support I would like to say 'Thank You' to all the members of Highland Charity Jive and, of course, to Kevin Moore who runs the group."