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Kris' Transcontinental Race to Support No.6

Posted on 17th July 2019

No.6 One Stop Shop to benefit from Kris Wright's 4,000km cycling challenge

Kris Wright, from Edinburgh, will be taking part in the Transcontinental Race starting on the 27th July in Bulgaria and travelling around 2,500 miles to support Autism Initiatives' One Stop Shop No.6. The Transcontinental is an ultra-endurance bike race which, this year, travels from Bourgas in Bulgaria, to Brest in France.

Kris said: "There is a finishers party in Brest at 19:00 on the 11th of August…my goal is to make it to the party on time."

The race is unsupported meaning that from start to finish riders are on their own. Each rider has to independently plan their own route through four checkpoints that force us over the Alps. Kris' plan for the route will see him cover around 2,500 miles, or 4,000km’s…and lots of this will be uphill.

All money raise will be going to support the work of No. 6 Edinburgh and Kris has devised a unique way for his supporters to join him on this epic challenge.

"I’d very much like to raise LOTS of money to support the ongoing work at Number 6, so please donate. Cycling this distance can become lonely, so I’d like to ask you to join me on my journey. You can do this by nominating a tune or two to my Transcontinental Spotify playlist. If you sponsor me £5 then you can nominate one tune, if you sponsor me £20 then you can nominate 5 tunes. I like a bit of 80’s cheese, Bob Dylan, DireStraits, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, The Doves … or you can just let me choose on your behalf. You could always opt for Aqua – Barbie Girl…but then I’ll know you hate me, ha ha. I promise to listen to every tune without skipping…at least once*. * please don’t make me cry."

Tune suggestions should be sent to by the 18th of July.

We asked Kris about his training for this amazing undertaking: "So far training has been interesting, though I’m getting bored cycling in the rain, wet, and winds of Scotland so I’m looking forward to some sunshine though I know this will bring different challenges that a Scotsman may not be used to. There’s no real way to train for the Alps when you’re in Scotland, so I’ve concentrated on just riding my bike. I’m hoping that a mix of long and slow rides coupled with some fast chain-gang rides will be the right combination."

No.6 One Stop Shop is a specialist service which supports autistic people in Edinburgh and throughout the Lothians which provides training, support and advice on a wide range of matters including housing, dealing with late diagnosis, benefits, gaining and retaining work and providing social opportunities.

Kris said: "Autism Initiatives provide great support for autistics in Edinburgh. I don’t regard myself as a typical autistic person, but I expect that’s because there isn’t a typical person as it’s a spectrum disorder. My default setting since being accepted to ride the TCR is scared/excited and I expect that’ll be the setting till I (hopefully) finish in Brest."

You can show your support on social media for Kris via Facebook or Twitter using #TCRNo7cap138

Please make a donation and support Kris' challenge Track Kris' progress when the race starts using this link