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MeCycle - The Big Bike Revivers

Posted on 15th May 2019

Support a great cause, improve your health, combat climate change and get a great bargain too! Find out why it's time you became a MeCycle Big Bike Reviver ...

How many of you have a bike that you no longer use? Maybe one your child has grown out of; an old one you replaced; one with a flat tyre or seized chain; or one that, for whatever reason, you can no longer ride? 

The good folks at MeCycle Café & Bike Workshop in Ainsdale, Southport can revive these cycling treasures. They are open seven days a week, expertly recycling the salvageable parts, fixing, cleaning, and polishing them creating newly refurbished bikes that they sell at a great price to support a great cause.  

There are a loads of good reasons why you might donate an unwanted bike, or purchase a recycled one from the team at MeCycle - here are just a few of them:

You’re supporting a great cause.  MeCycle café is a social enterprise ran by charity Autism Initiatives.  In addition to recycling older or broken bikes they can also fix up your current bike or sell you a brand new one. The money made from all of their bicycle services, and from the delicious food and drinks they serve, goes towards supporting local autistic people and their families. 

You’ll save money. New bikes are notoriously pricy and especially with kids often needing a bigger bike each year it’s a great opportunity to save 50% or more when comparing to the cost of a similar new bike. 

You will improve your health.  Cycling can improve your general health and is recommended by health professionals for low impact cardio. Plus MeCycle run free guided bike tours through the summer to encourage local exploration and healthier days out. 

You can #BetheChange and support the environment.  Recycling means one less bike in landfill, and one less bike being manufactured. This reduces the amount of raw materials used, lowers emissions and creates less waste, which are all essential when tackling the global issue of climate change. 

You can lower your personal carbon footprint. Riding your bike instead of driving for those small local journeys drastically reduces your carbon footprint. In fact, without the carbon emissions from producing the bike (because yours is recycled) your carbon footprint when riding is pretty much zero! 

It almost seems like there are too many advantages to donating or buying at MeCycle. Their bike revival service supports a charity, improves your health, saves you money and helps to combat climate change. 

Each month MeCycle will be releasing a selection of their finest revived pre-loved bikes on their Facebook so keep an eye out for a hand crafted bargain.