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Schools Step Up for Autism

Posted on 21st March 2019

To be autism aware and get active schools around the UK and Ireland have signed up to the Walk for Autism Challenge

The Schools Walk for Autism challenge involves primary school pupils walking a total of 10,000 extra steps in one week during World Autism Awareness month, which adds up to about 5 miles!

Norwood Primary School in Southport, one of the schools stepping up to the challenge, spoke to us about why they were taking part. "At Norwood we work closely with Autism Initiatives.  Autism is much more common than many people think, so we are walking to raise awareness of this and to do what we can to make life better for people on the spectrum."

Including Norwood Primary School 40 schools and over 11,000 pupils across the UK and Ireland will be stepping up to the Walk for Autism challenge.

The Schools Walk for Autism challenge aims to raise awareness and funds to support autistic people and their families.  It also coincides with a huge drive to get a so called 'indoor generation' spending less time looking at screens and more time out in the fresh air.

Data from a YouGov study states staying inside for prolonged periods of time can negatively affect your mood and that just 10-15 minutes extra outside being active can improve the quality of your life.  The Walk for Autism Schools challenge will see the kids outside and active for that extra 15 minutes each day, - which is super healthy!

In the UK and Ireland more than 1 in 100 people are thought to be on the autism spectrum.  Schools Walk for Autism will raise vital funds for autism projects across the UK and Ireland, with the schools taking part demonstrating how much their school cares and changing lives one step at a time.

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