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Vote for Peterhouse students in the dot-art 2019 schools competition

Posted on 10th April 2019

The dot-art schools competition 2019; using The Arts to improve skills and confidence at Peterhouse School.

Peterhouse School are pleased to announce that they are taking part in the dot-art schools competition for the third year running.

Since it opened in 1974 Peterhouse School has always put an emphasis on The Arts as a motivator. The process of making art enables its students to improve their communication and self-expression. They can gain invaluable self-occupancy skills and discovering a particular passion for art can give students a productive hobby or career for life. Through “Learning Outside of the Classroom”, engaging with new media, and community links projects, more pupils have received Arts Awards qualifications and have felt ownership, increased motivation and engagement.

Susan M. Coles from The National Society for Education in Art & Design described the competition as: A refreshing approach to modern art, dot-art “supports visual artists and champions art as an integral part of everyday life”. Instead of reserving art for traditional spaces behind velvet ropes, dot art introduces art into workplaces, schools and community groups championing the idea that “art reflects you as individuals and reminds you that you are not measured just by grades and marks."

We really respect dot-arts commitment to keep young people engaged in the arts and to reinforce the idea that art is for everyone. The current educational climate has seen funding for vocational programmes significantly drop, but for all students - especially those at Peterhouse School - art is essential.

To support the competition and the students at Peterhouse School follow the link below to vote for your favourite, and make sure to head to the Liverpool School of Art and Design from the 19th of June to see the finalists on display!

Vote for your favourite Peterhouse School dot-art submission