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WeGrow Helps Megafauna Stay Seasonal

Posted on 6th March 2019

When Chef Ben Chew launched Vegan café, Megafauna in 2018 he set about finding the very best in local seasonal produce and suppliers.

Megafauna is an independent vegan food business in Southport started by Chef Ben who after making the change to a vegan lifestyle 9 years ago wanted nothing more than to run a vegan café in his hometown.

He said: “With the beaches and sea on one side and the luscious Lancashire countryside on the other, what better place to show the North West what vegan food can really be like than right here in Southport. We love working with other independent businesses and make it our focus to use local growers and suppliers for all of our veg needs.”

In fact Megafauna is so committed to quality and seasonality that you won’t find traditional menus on its tables, what’s on offer is displayed on special boards mounted on the walls. 

Ben said: “We work closely with local growers and veg suppliers to offer only the best in local produce, so our menus change depending on the seasons and what is at its best.” 

One of the places that Megafauna source produce from is local social enterprise WeGrow, which supports autistic people to develop skills through production of vegetables without chemicals and pesticides and then through the sale of veg bags locally. 

Ben said: “I really look forward to receiving our regular veg bag from WeGrow.  It is always a pleasure to work with the produce and to create our menus based on the freshest and best vegetables on offer.  WeGrow is just one example of how and why we choose the organisations we partner with.  We are passionate about food, passionate about animals and passionate about our environment. We want to inspire our customers as much as we want to treat them.”
WeGrow’s Manager Cathy Buck said: “We are delighted to supply Megafauna both through our veg bag scheme and through bespoke orders.  We see Megafauna as a valued partner and regularly collect green waste from them which we use to create our own compost so nothing is wasted.”

If you’re in the Southport area and interested in buying fresh produce that is grown ethically and supports local autistic people to learn and develop then please consider buying a fortnightly WeGrow veg bag or visiting our farm shop on Radnor Drive.

Find out more about WeGrow, or order a veg bag delivery Find out more about Megafauna