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A message from our CEO Andrew Grainger

Posted on 31st July 2020

As we see restrictions in our community starting to ease, I am sure we are all thinking about what the ‘new normal’ will be and when, or if, we will ever return to the way we used to live our lives and all the things that we took for granted.

The impact of Covid-19 has meant adjusting to social distancing and wearing facemasks, and for some of us home working or becoming a teacher to our children. This time has been both challenging for us and rewarding also, as we have come more together as communities.

Of course for the autistic people that we support, and their front line staff, the adjustment has been more difficult as we strive to keep people safe and control any potential threat of infection. We have done this, and continue to do this, by supplying ample stock of PPE, and have been innovative in our approaches to training and guidance to maintain our high standards of support to staff teams.

Of course the greatest resource in keeping people safe during this time, has been the commitment and professionalism of our staff teams - thank you