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Abby's Kilimanjaro Challenge for Autism

Posted on 23rd July 2020

Abby is raising funds for Autism Initiatives by climbing Kilimanjaro in 30 days! How can she do this? Her mum Karen tells her story …

I’m Karen and I work for Autism Initiatives in the Midlothian service in Scotland , doing outreach work. I have been with Autism Initiatives for 4 years now and as well as being an autism practitioner I am also a mum.
My daughter Abby is going into her last year of primary school in August and is keen to get fit. She was looking for a project to keep her mind and body active and came up with this idea to “climb” Kilimanjaro all on her own, and help others at the same time.

Being a primary school student in lock down you might think this is an impossible task. However with a little imagination and a lot of will power Abby has created her own Kilimanjaro working out how many stairs she must climb to scale the equivalent of the 5,895m of Africa's highest peak.

Every day, no matter what, she is going up and down the stairs 129 times! When she sees the donations going up it gives her such a boost. She hopes the money will be used to help the people her mum supports.

Autism Initiatives' Community Fundraiser, Ed Green said:

“Thank you Abby! Fundraising is so hard at the moment because of the COVID 19 situation, so we really appreciate your support, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your commitment, you are an absolute star! We need many more people to be imaginative and creative like Abby and take up a personal challenge to raise much needed funds for Autism Initiatives.”

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