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Autism Initiatives Celebrates Another Successful Year of Learning

Posted on 17th January 2020

​Autism Initiatives celebrates as more than one hundred staff achieve vocational qualifications in 2019

Autism Initiatives is celebrating another successful year of learning after more than 100 staff across the UK & Northern Ireland achieve vocational qualifications in 2019.

Learning and Development (England) Cait McDermott said: "Autism Initiatives is committed to supporting the learning and development of all of our staff. We are very proud of every person who has achieved a qualification in 2019, and look forward to further achievements in 2020."

Within the 138 staff completing qualifications we are delighted to announce that 7 of those learners have successfully achieved the new apprenticeship standards.

In April 2017, the funding and content of apprenticeships changed with the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and a move from frameworks to standards.

The standards are now occupation-focused but not qualification-led, which means that real learning that positively impacts on someone's performance in their role must take place. The learning happens throughout the apprenticeship and the apprentice is assessed at the end where they need to prove that they can carry out all aspects of their job.

"Nobody understands the skills employers need better than the employers themselves. That is why we are placing them in the driving seat. They are designing apprenticeships so that they focus on exactly the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are required of the workforce of the future." The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP

Look out for more stories about our amazing staff, as we will be highlighting some of their achievements in future news stories.