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Carl shares his perspective of autism

Posted on 21st August 2020

When we heard that one of our own staff was publishing his personal story about being autistic we were keen to find out more ...

Carl Illingworth joined Autism Initiatives as a Support Worker nearly a year ago and has become a valued colleague who enjoys being able to help make a difference for others and improve their quality of life.

Carl's book, an autobiography, called My Perspective is now available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats and, to celebrate this, we spoke to Carl about the inspiration that lead him to put pen to paper.

"I decided to write a book once it came to my attention that - although only self-diagnosed - I am on the autism spectrum. An old friend pointed it out to me and so, I began researching. It surfaced a lot of repressed emotion and unhealed trauma and I felt writing about it would help me to move forward. I also wanted to demonstrate how these difficult experiences can be inspirational and open the mind to many aspects that we often take for granted, and how these struggles can give a person the strength and determination to strive to be better."

My Perspective highlights the aspects of Carl's life that he feels have been the most exclusive experiences - in comparison to his peers -to demonstrate how these differences in functioning and perceiving the world can have such a diverse affect on a person's well-being and esteem if they are not fully understood. "I have also revised and reflected on certain events that, at the time, I had not fully appreciated due to the anxiety and stress I was experiencing from not understanding why I felt different from my peers."

"The aim of my book, is to express heavily suppressed views and emotions - as well as open a broader understanding of autism to others. I also want to express some of my own intuitive beliefs about autism and explore how it affects each person so differently from the next."

The first part of 'My Perspective' explores Carl's personal experiences living with undiagnosed autism and why he chose not to be formally diagnosed. The second part expands on autism as a whole: "I also aim to remove a lot of the stigma that still surrounds it, in my writing."

There is also a section on some co-morbid illnesses and conditions plus some self-help guidelines for anyone who may be struggling (whether autistic or not).

"My ultimate aim is to make the world a friendlier place for all neurotypes, and a society that lives more harmoniously and cooperatively. I yearn that one day, we live much more in peace and appreciation for nature, than I currently believe we do."

My Perspective by Carl Illingworth is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook editions. The paperback version is priced at £6.11, and the eBook is £3.99.

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