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Spotlight on OSSME

Posted on 6th November 2020

OSSME has been providing exceptional support to young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions for over 20 years

Our Outreach Support Service for Mainstream Education (OSSME) provides specialist personalised Autism Spectrum Conditions support for children and young people (0 to 25 years) in the home, community and educational settings. OSSME also offer training packages to families and professionals in education settings and other multi-disciplinary practices.

We are proud that OSSME is regarded as one of the best Outreach Services available in the locality and surrounding areas. It has a distinctive five point star and strength model way of working, and is a place fuelled by positive attitudes to change and strong aspirations.

We pursue new strategies and respond to the needs of service users and their circumstances faster than services’ offers. We have a strong track record of meticulous planning and high level delivery; what we can do, have done and will do in the future has no limits.

Working for OSSME, Michelle says, “I love visiting different schools, talking to different school staff, helping many children and their families overcome different challenges. No two days are the same. There is flexibly and a good support network within the team. I love working in OSSME”.
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