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Top Dog Paisley Makes the Front Page

Posted on 17th December 2020

It's official Paisley is now an Educational Assistance Dog and she's already made the front page!

Paisley 'the dog with a blog' has already won the hearts of so many people following her journey since she joined the team at Peterhouse School, but now she has officially passed her training to become an Educational Assistance Dog she's changing lives for the better too.

Her assessor said: “Paisley is an absolutely delightful little dog who appears to be completely at home in her school.”

Paisley is already helping pupils at Peterhouse in many ways including with transitions and is featured in the 10th anniversary edition of Autism Eye magazine,

Follow Paisley's adventures on her 'Dog Blog' Check out Autism Eye to read more about the positive impact dogs can make in an educational setting