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A pawsitive result for Paisley the dog!

Posted on 27th July 2021

Paisley the educational assistance dog at Peterhouse School is celebrating after passing her assessment as part of her school dogs training programme

Paisley the educational assistance dog at Peterhouse School is celebrating after recently passing her school dog training programme with Hope Valley Hounds and receiving a glowing report.

Paisley who is now 22 months old, and lives with Lesley who is a staff member at the school has been working with Peterhouse pupils since January 2021

As part of her training, Paisley is required to undertake regular assessments to ensure that she is operating to the required standards, and to make sure that she is healthy and happy in the school environment.

Paisley attends Peterhouse school with Lesley regularly, visiting twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

The school visit report stated that: “Paisley is now fully integrated into Peterhouse school and is already making a considerable impact with the children she is working with. This includes helping a child develop their communication skills with others and improve reading with another child… I am in no doubt that she is having an impact on countless other pupils (and staff) through just her presence alone.”

As part of the full assessment and in line with the Silver award standards, Hope Valley Hounds tested Paisley on behaviours such as road walking, loose lead walking, recall away from distraction, various tricks, 2 minute stay, polite greetings, appropriate treat acceptance and waiting at doors.

The assessment also looked at the structure and suitability of current interventions being undertaken by Lesley and Paisley, including an observation of 2 separate sessions.

After a day of observations, the assessor concluded that: “Paisley is a very gentle, quiet dog who displays a confidence in her surroundings without being boisterous or overbearing… I am in complete agreement with Lesley that Paisley is the right dog for Peterhouse.
She is happy with her own company enough so as not to continually bother pupils and staff for attention, yet attentive when offered the opportunity to engage or work with her. This character fits perfectly with Peterhouse where some of the pupils want interaction and others not so much so. Lesley has an in depth knowledge of the pupils and their specific needs and tailors Paisley contact and usage to fit this.”

Prior to signing up to the Class Dog training programme, Lesley and Paisley were part of the charity “Dogs Helping Kids”. This early work and standard setting has made the transition to Class Dog and the continued work in school seamless.

The Hope Valley Hounds assessor added that: "It is clear to see the benefits already of being part of a tailor made programme or organisation."

Conny Brandt, Business Manager at the school was just one of the staff members who were delighted with the result. She said: “This has been an excellent visit and assessment for both Lesley and Paisley. We’re looking forward to see her taking her role in school life even further!”
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