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Katherine Highland's new novel supports Highland One Stop Shop

Posted on 11th February 2021

Katherine Highland’s novels are frank in their depiction of how ableist society can be. They are however written with humour, compassion, goodwill and a desire to foster a better understanding between autistic and non-autistic people.

Katherine bases her fiction writing in atmospheric Scottish settings and incorporates an element of the paranormal.

All proceeds from her second novel 'Streetlamps and Shepherd Moons' will go to support our one stop shop for autistic adults in the Scottish Highlands, where Katherine accesses services and volunteers.

Although this book is a sequel to her first novel “The House with the Narrow Forks”, this page turner introduces a new main character and can be read on its own.

“Diane Abercrombie has paid a high price for not conforming with her family’s and society’s narrow ideals. She is autistic; although she volunteers constructively, years of ostracism, internalised shame and misunderstandings shattered her confidence and she struggles to be enough. Spirited and passionate about fighting all forms of discrimination, her energy depends upon regular solitude; she has never wanted a partner and is happiest enjoying social interludes with trusted friends. After Diane’s hero-worshipping of an unappreciative colleague is blamed when stress and sensory overload spark a humiliating incident, she faces mounting pressure to act against her instincts. Increasingly alienated, Diane begins to have vivid dreams of a past time in the town where she lives. When she discovers that details in her dreams were real, it brings new friendships and projects. As past local events are brought into fresh light, Diane’s may not be the only soul to find peace.”

You can find Katherine’s books for sale on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format, so grab a good read and support a great cause at the same time.

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