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Peterhouse Pupils clean up at the beach

Posted on 1st October 2021

​Peterhouse School are celebrating their school beach clean week.

Peterhouse School are proud to take part in the nationwide Great British Beach Clean. Every autumn thousands of people take to the beach all over the UK to participate in the citizen-science event.

The children and young people at Peterhouse School have visited Southport beach to carry out litter picks. They have also been learning about the damaged to marine life caused by litter.

Anna Roberts, Science & Horticulture teacher at the school said: “We’re looking forward to getting lots of pupils involved in the beach clean-up and helping to rid Southport of some of the plastic and other items that sadly washes up there. This is the second year that Peterhouse has taken part in the beach clean, and it’s always amazing to see that so many of the pupils and staff are willing to help. I hope that this will alert others into thinking about what they dispose of on our shorelines and impact on our local wildlife and wider environment”.

The Marine Conservation Society asks beach cleaners to run a litter survey which records all the items of rubbish they find in a 100m stretch. This data aids their conservation work and also feeds into the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) so that it can ultimately be used to campaign for change.

At last year’s Great British Beach Clean, an average of 425 litter items were found per 100m of beach surveyed. 30% of beach cleans last year found face masks and PPE. However there was some positive news, such as a 55% drop in plastic bags found on UK beaches since 5p charge was introduced.

This term at Peterhouse, the pupils also celebrated Recycling Week, which linked to their work on science and eco-Schools. The young people learned all about recycling and got involved with recycling activities.

Peterhouse School achieved Eco-School Green Flag status in January 2021. This recognises the school’s achievement in working towards a sustainable lifestyle and their commitment to improving the environment in and around the school.

Anna Roberts added: “The pupils have worked really hard this year to collect litter, raise funds and make plans. This award is an ongoing scheme and we will continue to work on becoming even more eco-friendly and further raising awareness. You are all so amazing for giving up your time to make a big difference!”