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Walk for Autism Challenge Starts Today

Posted on 26th March 2021

Walk for Autism reaches over £400,000 as walkers take their first steps today!

With more than 4,000 people pledging to ‘Walk for Autism’ in 2021, Autism Initiatives’ annual fundraising campaign has hit its biggest milestone in its four-year history.

Walkers across the UK and Ireland have already raised a monumental £400,000 in the past few weeks, with hopes to raise even more by the time the challenge ends on World Autism Awareness Day.

Starting today, walkers will undertake 10,000 steps a day for eight days, ending on April 2nd (World Autism Awareness Day). Walkers can fundraise from the moment they sign up, with famous faces such as Bridgerton actor Simon Lennon and UK Strongman Tom Stoltman supporting the campaign.

Head of Enterprise, Jon Gordon said: “We were delighted to reach 1,000 signups for our fourth annual Walk for Autism campaign but it’s the money raised that really does make a difference to the lives of so many people across the UK and Ireland. To have exceeded our target with over £400,000 raised so far is just brilliant and we can’t thank our walkers enough for their dedication this year. It’s been so inspiring to see people rise to the challenge and do something so positive in the midst of the pandemic."

“We’ve seen evidence of comradery and friendship from walkers across the UK and Ireland each with a different story to tell, and all joined by something personal that has inspired them to participate. Although we’re overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for contributions this year, we just know that there is more to be done to make the biggest impact possible when it comes to supporting people with autism.”

The campaign will officially end on World Autism Awareness Day, an internationally recognised day that occurs every year encouraging individuals and organisations to take measures to raise awareness about people with autistic spectrum conditions throughout the world.

Jon said: “World Autism Awareness Day is an incredibly important day to us, and to our walkers, but we aim to help raise awareness of autism and provide support where it’s needed around the clock, every day of the year. Money raised from the campaign will support projects by Autism Initiatives aimed at both adults and children and covering the likes of care facilities, education, community engagement, activities and support with employment.”

Registration for this years Walk for Autism has now closed, but anyone wishing to support autism this year can still make a donation at

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