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We are proud to share that The Haven School has been awarded ‘Most Supportive Autism Educational Environment 2023 – North Wales’. Hosted by Luxlife, the awards programme celebrates ‘trail-blazers’ in the world of education, and aims to recognise the commitment of schools providing life-changing opportunities.

Luxlife magazine unveiled the winners in an exclusive issue, which marked the third annual Private Education Awards 2023. The programme recognised The Haven’s learning environment, which is designed to support autistic children with self-confidence, personal goals and gaining skills for life.

Luxlife wrote:

“The Haven places a resolute focus on providing young people with the opportunity to flourish. It encourages personal growth and bright futures in a way that’s simply inspired to witness, and has tailored its educational processes towards enhancing the way autistic children approach a learning environment.”

As part of registered charity Autism Initiatives, The Haven School offers specialist provision for 11-19 year olds with autism, adopting a person-centred approach to learning and development. The Haven encourages children to reach their full potential with a nurturing and flexible approach.

The awards programme described The Haven’s awareness of autism as ‘unparalleled within North Wales’, which is a fantastic achievement for staff at the school. Autism Initiatives has worked in partnership with autistic people and families for over 50 years, and The Haven School mirrors this approach, working alongside families to support the needs of every individual student.

Luxlife added:

“The Haven’s compassionate understanding of autism allows it to recognise just how daunting change and development can be for autistic students, and has adapted itself to ensure every child feels safe, secure, and immensely cared for.”

The Haven School often welcomes children who have transitioned from mainstream education. Many autistic children find attending school and following routines can be challenging, which is why the specialist staff and flexible environment of The Haven can feel more supportive and nurturing.

Luxlife highlighted:

“The Haven is seeking to expand its services to provide for even more autistic children who may be struggling with their current educational system. The Haven’s work is nothing short of astounding, and we’re beyond pleased to present it with this prestigious award.”

Karen Burt, Headteacher at The Haven School commented:

The Haven is a community of dedicated staff, amazing students and wonderful, supportive families. Together, we are on a journey and, with the support of the wider charity, we have begun to create something truly special. It is an honour to accept this award in recognition of the contributions made by all of the stakeholders in The Haven, but especially on behalf of the staff who are constantly striving to give our learners the best support possible. We are so lucky to work with a group of amazing families who support us in striving for the best outcomes for their young people.

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