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This spring, two Autism Initiatives services are taking part in the St Oswald’s Scarecrow Competition. The fun-filled event invites participants to craft handmade scarecrows by working together as a team.

Competition entries are set to be judged in late March, with an exciting range of first, second and third prizes up for grabs. The judging criteria takes a variety of elements into consideration, from construction technique, to the sustainability of materials used.

The event also encourages participants to showcase their creativity, with judges on the lookout for unique features to catch their eye. Set to take place later this month, the final results will be announced at Feelgood Factory’s Easter fair.

Leading up to the competition’s closing date, both of the services taking part have been busy working on their colourful creations. One of the scarecrows is dressed in pastel blue with a pop of sunflower yellow, while the other is adorned in rainbow hues and lively patchwork prints.

The team at Blossom Fields shared: “Despite the weather being grim, spring is in the air at Blossom Fields! We have been busy on some fun projects for outdoors. Working in partnership with staff using a combination of verbal prompts and hand over support, the people we support have all participated in making our colourful scarecrow for the competition.”

Sustainability plays an important role in everyday life at Autism Initiatives, so our teams have taken the judging criteria in their stride, opting for recycled materials and thinking outside the box.

Blossom Fields added: “We’ve used scrap fabric, old clothes and shredded cardboard packing material, as this is strongly encouraged by the competition organisers Feelgood Factory. We will be using a log slice as a base, kindly provided by the National Trust rangers at Formby Pinewoods. Our scarecrow will be on display at Netherton Community garden from the 21st March 2024, along with many other wonderful creative entries. We’re really looking forward to seeing them all together.”

The Autism Initiatives community wishes all participants the best of luck in the upcoming competition. We’re sure both of the scarecrow creations are set to give the birds a fright!

Health and wellbeing is one of our top priorities as an organisation, so it’s wonderful to see the people we support and members of the team enjoying time in the outdoors and the chance to express themselves.

Winners will be announced on 28 March 2024. You can follow Autism Initiatives here on Facebook to keep up with more news.