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MM, a person who uses our services in the Blackpool area, recently took part in a charity boxing event to raise money for Cancer Research UK. After training and winning the match, MM is enjoying a newfound confidence and sense of focus.

Over the past year, MM has been training to box and fundraising for his chosen charity, Cancer Research UK. He worked incredibly hard on building discipline, training, and fine-tuning his boxing skills and techniques to set him up for his ultimate success in the fight.

Local Health and Wellbeing Lead Sam Shakeshaft and other members of the team in Blackpool worked closely alongside MM in the weeks leading up to the fight.  For 8-9 weeks, MM attended multiple weekly boxing session on his own. They were of huge benefit in terms of refining boxing technique and conditioning his fitness levels.  Sam and other members of the staff team attended boxing sessions led by Brian Rose at Stanley Park with MM, which added extra sessions to his already comprehensive training routine.

The team had many conversations with MM about the fight night and how it may look.  This meant that on the night, MM was incredibly focused. MM feels that the whole boxing experience has given him a newfound confidence and sense of focus.

MM explained how on the night, the crowd being there didn’t affect him at all and brought no added pressure to his fight.  He told himself that he would not lose, and reminded himself of his immense confidence in his boxing ability and his ability to win the fight.  This paid off as MM won his fight in convincing fashion with his opponent barely landing a punch of note.

MM mentioned that he was incredibly grateful for the support he received from Autism Initiatives, both in the lead-up to the fight and on the night of the fight.  He said the only thing he could hear on the night was his supporters cheering him on.

There were also plenty of others who could not be at the event supporting him from all over Blackpool and Lancashire that he created friendships with during the football sessions with Autism Initiatives and other sports sessions led by Local Health and Wellbeing Lead Sam.  MM’s friends keen to hear how his fight went and were delighted when they found out he won.

Overall, MM has raised just over £400 for Cancer Research UK through ticket sales and his charity fundraising page. This is a brilliant achievement and one he should be very proud of.

Since the fight, MM has told Sam he wishes to continue attending the Brian Rose boxing classes and is already looking at signing up for another fight in the future. MM is taking time now to review the videos from his fight to look for ways to improve his technique so he can be even better next time.