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Autism Initiatives Scotland is proud to have been selected to offer post diagnostic support to autistic adults across the whole of Scotland. Scotland’s first national campaign on autism was created in response to The Scottish Government Consultation on The Scottish Strategy for Autism, which highlighted the stigma and discrimination that autistic people face.

Autism Initiatives Scotland’s One Stop Shop, No.6 are running the National Remote Late Diagnosis programme.

What is the programme

  • Funded by the Scottish Government until the end of March 2024, and delivered by our OSS Coordinators
  • Eight virtual group sessions, where you will meet other autistic adults and explore various topics to help increase your understanding of autism, develop your appreciation of the positives of autistic neurotype, and develop strategies to respond to difficulties

Who attends

Autistic adults (18+) who have received a diagnosis within the last 5 years and who live anywhere in Scotland.

What are the Project outcomes

  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of autism
  • Increased opportunities to meet other autistic people
  • Increased confidence
  • Development of identity