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Would you take a shaving foam pie to the face to raise money for a good cause?

As part of National Autism Acceptance Week 2024, the People’s Ford team came together for a fundraising event across all of their dealerships.

They created home-made ‘pies’ from coloured shaving foam, chocolate cream and sprinkles, and had the opportunity to splatter a pie in the face of their manager or work colleague for £5!

Nicola Gilda, Managing Director at Peoples Ford said: “We are incredibly proud of our team’s enthusiastic support for National Autism Week. Their participation in the pie-in-the-face fundraiser not only raised vital funds for autism awareness and support but also demonstrated our collective commitment to making a positive impact in our community. Autism affects many individuals and families, and raising awareness is crucial in fostering understanding and inclusion. The generosity and spirit of our staff truly embody the values we strive to uphold every day.”

Together, in addition to helping raise autism acceptance and understanding, they were able to raise an outstanding £2,500.

Matthew Day, National OSS Manager, who was presented with a cheque on behalf of Autism Initiatives told us: “Thank you to all the staff at People’s Ford for supporting the work that we do. It was clear that the whole team thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to get involved with this very creative and very messy fundraising idea! We look forward to building a relationship with them over the coming months.”

Liz Oakley, Fundraising Manager at Autism Initiatives added: “A massive thank you to everyone from the People’s Ford team who participated and donated. You are amazing!”