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Our flexible approach to education services can be delivered by OSSME, Peterhouse School, social enterprises within Autism Initiatives or a combination of these and can also include additional external links as required.

This wealth of expertise alongside a variety of options provides opportunities for families and young people to select the right level of support and mix of activities to suit their needs. Every young person’s flexible education journey with us is as unique as they are.

Our Flexible Education Mission Statement:

Autism Initiatives’ Flexible Education service aims to provide personalised support to autistic young people to enable their continued participation in education

Choosing Support

We provide consultancy to schools, colleges and individuals, which allows schools to flexibly use OSSME for specific needs such as support in school, college, university, in the home or attending clubs.

For teachers not sure how to help an autistic child achieve their best, we develop and model autism specialist strategies, using one-to-one sessions and observations.

Outside the classroom, and for young autistic adults, we offer support in the community, help to access college, and links with work placements to develop social and work based skills.

“[Strategies] are highly individualised – they tap into the pupil’s interest and capitalise on their strengths.” Teacher

Supporting schools and families

‘Early Help’ is a preventative support package for a child or young person who is having difficulties at home or school or is at risk of not attending school or requiring support into adulthood. Our ‘Early Help’ offers structure, socialisation and help to develop skills that a pupil may miss out on when not in school.

OSSME provides:

  • Curriculum support, in school and at home
  • Social and life skills training
  • Diagnostic explanation
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Teacher and family training
  • Engagement in the curriculum for those at risk of exclusion or not attending school

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Early help

OSSME recognises and aims to strengthen the positive role that parents have to play to supporting their child’s education. Autism affects each child uniquely and often parents can feel isolated, or uncertain of the options available to them.

OSSME have developed some resources and support for parents which are free to access they include:

  • OSSME Facebook group posts regularly sharing useful information aimed at supporting parents and teaching professionals
  • OSSME parents group – originally this group met face to face monthly, but now they get together in a virtual private group setting providing peer to peer support and gaining advice from experts.
  • OSSME newsletter – issued quarterly, you can sign up to receive this by contacting OSSME on Facebook

“I have been supported by OSSME for many years. They have helped me along life’s journey and helped to make me who I am today. I am now in work. Thank you.” Former OSSME supported pupil

Resources and support for parents

We've helped people... and we can help you too

If you, or someone you know, is in need of help and support, or would benefit from taking advantage of the support we can offer, please get in touch and someone at Autism Initiatives will be able to advise on your next steps.

“OSSME takes time to get to know the child and the school before offering advice. The advice and support to implement strategies has created a better working environment for the teacher, child and family”

St Helens Primary School Teacher