Lives are changing

Autistic people are positively changing their lives when they access our support.

I am happier

Zoe's confidence was low and she had never had a job before she started on a work placement at MeCycle.  With one to one support and training Zoe excelled, first becoming a member of Autism Initiatives staff at MeCycle and then gaining part time work as a member of the kitchen staff at Peterhouse School.  Zoe now works full time for a commercial employer.   She said:

"I knew I was different. Thanks to Autism Initiatives I am more confident and happy."

Mark, 22, has a supported work placement at A Great Little Place café. He said, "I came from college where I was bullied because I was different and wouldn’t fit in. I was distraught and even had problems with a teacher. When I met new people here, they helped me with new tasks. It’s been really interesting: serving, taking orders, doing deliveries. I gained more confidence and am happier. I fit in here. It has changed my life. I’m really proud to be here.”

His mum Angie added, “Autism Initiatives has made a huge difference. One customer said she’d never seen such a transformation in a person. AI are so supportive and absolutely brilliant. It’s amazing and he’s so happy. He’s developed his social skills and it’s helped him deal with change. I know when Mark goes to the café that he’s happy, and that makes me happy. Otherwise I don’t know where we’d have been. I’m grateful.”