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Career beginnings

Nick started his career with Autism Initiatives as a Support Worker and is now a Service Manager. For him the highlights of his work have always involved the difference he makes in the lives of the people we support.

Thanks to help from Nick, then a Senior Support Worker, Tim was empowered to fulfil his ambition to play the guitar. At the age of 29 Tim went to his first guitar lesson, and Nick was there giving him the support and backing he needed.

“I could see how happy he was. And when he bought his own guitar I’ll never forget the look on Tim’s face; he looked so proud of himself. Talking to Tim on the way home it turned out this was the first thing of value he had ever been able to buy himself saying he had always relied on second hand or being given things.”

Nick added, “We’re all extremely proud of Tim and this is a sign of the brilliant progress he has made since coming to Autism Initiatives. Tim would find it difficult to even look forward and plan an activity, now he’s already thinking about possible destinations for his holiday next year. It really is lovely to see.”

Tim summed it up, “I feel that doors have been opened now that were not open before. Being here fills me with optimism – I’ve been shown that more things are possible and with the right support I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I live every day rather than just go through the motions. I can look forward to the future now.”