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Specialised Schools

Peterhouse School in Southport is a non-maintained specialist school and college. It offers provision for children and young people aged 5 to 19 who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Y Hafan School is a Welsh Government approved day school for pupils aged 11-19, based in Flintshire. Y Hafan works in partnership with families, education authorities, social services and health agencies to equip children and young people with an education and skills for life.


OSSME: Specialist support for your child

OSSME first started as Outreach Services Supporting Mainstream Education, hence its name, however it has developed to provide a range of services around children, education and support for parents.
These include:

  • Curriculum support, in school and at home
  • Social and life skills training
  • Diagnostic explanation
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Teacher and family training
  • Engagement in the curriculum for those at risk of exclusion or not attending school.


Dealing with change

Transitions is the term that we use to describe how we deal with change including moving between different stages of life.  Transitions can be is especially hard if you find change difficult, as many autistic people do.

With autism, the difficulty with making transitions is a struggle with making the cognitive adjustments necessary to move on. As a consequence, transitions in autism may be plagued with stress, anxiety, and frustration.

We offer specialist support to help create an environment where change is possible and enable the person we are working alongside to understand and cope with transitions.


Tailor made approaches

Flexible Education is a highly bespoke package that meets the needs and addresses barriers to learning for each individual young person, with support delivered by experienced staff at the family home or in the community. Staff take a flexible and creative approach and can often address learning targets via ‘under the radar’ learning, framing a particular curriculum around individual interests and motivations of each student.

The sessions focus on preparing young people for their next steps, which might be attendance at school or at another educational provision, or transition into adult life. This alternative approach has supported students to achieve fantastic outcomes, helping them to grow into successful autistic adults.

Flexible Education

Safeguarding Children

We believe that children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind and understand that we have a responsibility to promote their welfare, to keep them safe and to work in a way that protects them.

The Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) for each team within education at Autism Initiatives are:-

  • Sharon Williams – DSL – Governor
  • Claire Sayles – DSL Lead, Peterhouse School
  • Clare Fitzsimons – DSL Lead for OSSME
  • Jon Gordon – DSL for Social Enterprise
  • Karen Burt – DSL for The Haven School

Safeguarding Children

The education they deserve

If you, or someone you know, is in need of help and support, or would benefit from taking advantage of the support we can offer through our young people’s services, please get in touch and someone at Autism Initiatives will be able to advise on your next steps.

I can be myself and not have to be always watching myself, I can stop hiding the real me and I’m accepted for who I am