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Would you walk over hot coals to raise money for a cause that’s important to you?

James Johnston recently decided to do just that, whilst raising money for Autism Initiatives’ Highland One Stop Shop and Inverness Ice Centre.

On Sunday 26th November 2023, James took part in a Firewalk at Inverness Ice Centre where he learned how to safely walk across a field of hot coals.

Firewalking is the practice of walking barefoot on hot embers at a sizzling temperature of 650°C!

After a comprehensive training seminar, James was led out to the fire pit where he joined other fundraisers in walking safely across the burning embers.

This was most definitely a night to remember, and we applaud James for igniting his inner courage. It seems that the trick is to put mind over matter!

James uses Highland One Stop Shop in Inverness, and wanted to do something to give back after his positive experiences there.

Inverness Ice Centre is a community-run facility and charity that provides “sport for all” across three ice sports; ice skating, ice Hockey, and curling. The centre is inclusive in supporting all abilities and groups. They often host community funding events and raise funds to provide ice activities to support fitness, health and wellbeing.