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Nayeem uses our services in Southport, where he lives a busy and active life filled with lots of interests and hobbies; from horse riding to creating art.

Nayeem is passionate about animals, but especially horses. He is part of a riding club in Southport and rides twice a week. Before moving from London to Southport, Nayeem even competed in the 2016 Special Olympics in the Equestrian field. He’s now looking to the future as he could have the opportunity to compete again with his current riding club.

Nayeem’s speciality is dressage which is all about learning to work with your horse and help them achieve greater suppleness, flexibility and obedience. But his skills are not just practical; Nayeem also holds a degree in Equine Care.

Nayeem has enjoyed creating art since childhood. He attends a contemporary art group in Southport one day a week, and on another day he attends a ceramic clay work class. Over the years, he has refined his technique and has created many sculptures of different animals, as well as homeware and gifts.

Nayeem’s Mum, Nahid, said: “Nayeem’s love for horses is what inspires a lot of his artwork, and it’s what spurred him on when learning to read and draw. Nayeem is someone who can see something and draw or paint it straight away. He has come on so much, and to think he is an artist now is just incredible.”

“I’m so glad that we decided to make the move from London to Southport back in 2016. We now feel that we’re part of a community with Autism Initiatives, and Nayeem is now busy seven days a week doing things that he loves. He is close with the team and has a great relationship with them.”

John Jones, Support Worker at Autism Initiatives, said: “I enjoy spending time with Nayeem as we really get on. I like having a good chat with his family members too. It has been great seeing Nayeem become more independent, for example he enjoys cooking and makes all his own meals. He loves being busy, so we do activities like climbing, roller skating and tai chi in the mornings together.  We’re looking forward to going to Comic Con together soon (he’s going as blue power ranger!), and he’s also working on a garden for the annual flower show.”

Nayeem has also been able to put his love of the natural world to use by volunteering one day a week Beconsall Equestrian Centre.  He enjoys working in the stables and feeding and caring for the animals.